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Just you wait...

2012-11-24 19:11:39 by ioneofmany

I may not have gotten over my devious WiP posting ways, but I have been putting a lot of thought and energy into some production. (Even if it's not posted) -- :D'

Become a fan as a surefire way for me to know you like my stuff!

2012-10-07 02:27:04 by ioneofmany

Do it today and may the Kakarot be with you to bless your day (and meals)!

I have soundcloud! Visit me and say hi!

2012-08-29 00:40:13 by ioneofmany

If you want to hear more of my stuff, I've just started using Soundcloud as it's a convenient way to share.

Cheers (always)!


Happy New Year 2011!

2011-01-03 02:33:13 by ioneofmany

Lets do it right guys!


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Hey Newgrounds!

I've just entered into a major competition held by a record label in Sweden and I could really use your help. I don't ever ask for promotion or anything of the sort, but this time I need to make an exception. Your help matters because how people react to the track on their official YouTube account matters! If you really like my tunes and want to hear more of them (and FINISHED! lawl), we'll then this would be the way to me show your support!

The contest is held by Extensive Records Sweden and I have embedded the video (I think). Please follow the video and drop a comment. Spread the word! :D

Cheers guys and "Have Some Fun"!

P.S. : If you're up for the challenge then you can enter as well. Let me know and I'll be glad to check out your tune!

Hey Newgrounds,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive even if I haven't been posting/updating tracks on here. Things are very hectic lately with classes and life and so I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get around to things in a timely manner. Music is my passion, but I have responsibilities that I am held to in the real world as well. You can always add me on my MSN if you want to talk or need help with something. Please do not ask for my help though in doing simple things that can easily be found in a tutorial.

Cheers! :p


2010-06-06 17:18:16 by ioneofmany


Hi Newgrounds! Active since November 2009!

2009-11-22 04:53:21 by ioneofmany

I produce music with the computer software FL Studio on my laptop. When I started a few years back, FL Studio 6 was the latest version. Currently, I use FL Studio 9.

I make music because it makes me happy. :)

If you need anything from me, feel free to send me a mail on here or leave a message on my MSN.

- Chris