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2010-10-20 19:46:37 by ioneofmany

Hey Newgrounds,

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive even if I haven't been posting/updating tracks on here. Things are very hectic lately with classes and life and so I'm sorry that I haven't been able to get around to things in a timely manner. Music is my passion, but I have responsibilities that I am held to in the real world as well. You can always add me on my MSN if you want to talk or need help with something. Please do not ask for my help though in doing simple things that can easily be found in a tutorial.

Cheers! :p


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2010-10-20 20:18:05

Your posting pic (is that what it's called?) seemed familiar. Then I realized that on my other account I have a lot of your songs on my favorites list... All I can say is very good music dude! One of my favorites/favorite music maker on Newgrounds!

ioneofmany responds:

Thanks dude! I'm glad you like my tunes. :)


2010-11-04 19:08:50

School? studying? LIFE??? you need to get your priorities straight! music is first! XD
in all seriousness in just kidding, anyways just keep doing what you need to do...but you do really need to finish syringes..:D

ioneofmany responds:

Hahaha thanks! You must explain to me what a beverice is sometime... I'm curious. :D