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Hi Newgrounds! Active since November 2009!

2009-11-22 04:53:21 by ioneofmany

I produce music with the computer software FL Studio on my laptop. When I started a few years back, FL Studio 6 was the latest version. Currently, I use FL Studio 9.

I make music because it makes me happy. :)

If you need anything from me, feel free to send me a mail on here or leave a message on my MSN.

- Chris


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2010-01-08 21:46:26

BTW i made a remix of your song DotA Slice n/302361

Hope you like it :D


2010-05-04 23:35:43

I love your music, I'm favoriting you. What are you going to do about it?

(Updated ) ioneofmany responds:

Oh no! D: I guess I have no other choice but to be grateful that you like it enough to favorite me and express my thanks... lol! :D


2010-05-12 21:41:04

PSH Im so better at making music than you ever will be.

LAWL Im juuuust kidding duuuude.

ioneofmany responds:

Lawl you... The Game! :D


2010-06-21 07:36:10

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